Haunted Hearts

For one fog-enshrouded evening, Olivia Beacham was determined to break away from the confines of society and experience a taste of excitement and freedom. Her husband’s sudden death had left her in mourning for the last two years, but this All Hallow’s Eve masquerade held a promise of intrigue and mystery. Hidden behind a cat’s mask and a French accent, no one would guess the darling “Cat” was the reticent Viscountess Stratton. Under a cloak of darkness, she thrilled in the anticipation to an evening that would lead to adventure—and perhaps even love…

Raised in foreign lands and trained in the art of espionage, Ian Drake longed for a rest in a place he could call home. Thus he welcomed his return to England despite his new mission: to attend a masquerade and make contact with a French informer whose identity was unknown to him. When he heard the foreign accents of the masked “Cat,” Ian thought his mission was accomplished. But instead he found in his arms a mysterious woman whose emerald eyes and silver laugh promised a night of magic and perhaps something even more…