A Heart’s Treasure

Genevieve had been more than happy to escape the dreadful summer heat of London, and what better way than a journey north to Cumberland on a treasure hunt, along a path strewn with various clever clues design to befuddle and bemuse? And surely such a merry jaunt as this was perfectly suited to romantic intrigue… if only her dashing traveling companion felt a similar stirring. Genevieve, had long admired Xavier’s keen intellect and proud bearing, and now wondered whether this unusual journey might not bring about her own heart’s true desire…

A boyhood injury had left Xavier with a scarred visage—and an overwhelming need to remove himself as far from the curious stares of the ton as he could reasonably manage. Thus he welcomed the opportunity to escape the dreaded London season by embarking on a treasure hunt. Wary of female wiles, however, Xavier was hard pressed to not question the kind words of his charming traveling partner, Genevieve. He had always valued her friendship, and her quiet beauty and gentle were a soothing tonic to his battered soul. Yet if he dared reveal his true feelings, he risked losing the most passionate prize of all…