The Marriage Mart

Fiddlesticks, thought Lady Mary Wagnall. Finding a husband couldn’t be that difficult. She new she was no great beauty, and at the ancient age of 28 she was prepared to settle down for an older gentleman, one happy to settle down and start a family of his own. Yet, one glimpse of the incomparably handsome Marquess of Rothayne put every practical plan to rout. Mary would be less than a woman if her heart remained unaffected by such a man, but more the fool for giving in to such a folly!

Nothing intrigued the Marquess of Rothayne more than a challenge, particularly where women were concerned. And Lady Mary Wagnall, with her quick-witted banter and forthright nature would certainly provide enough sport to alleviate his increasing sense of ennui. But as he helped to plot her course into matrimony, he began to wonder if it was to be his sworn bachelorhood which would succumb to her charming nature and lively smile!